Frequently Asked Questions

+ What Is MyPointRewards?
MyPointRewards allows you to easily award points to employees, customers, or sales reps / channel partners based on actions you define. Participants can use their points to shop for exciting rewards, such as: merchandise, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, and travel / experiential rewards.
+ Who can use it?
The program is available to anyone with the need to distribute rewards to groups of people. Examples of uses include employee recognition, sales incentives, B2B and B2C customer loyalty programs, safety incentives, health and wellness incentives, and referral programs.
+ How do I use the program?
MyPointRewards includes a comprehensive toolset that allows administrators to manage users, assign points, edit content, and monitor program performance. Admin features are rolled into an interactive dashboard.
+ How do the catalogs work?
Participants can use their points to shop for items in an online catalog with thousands of items. When setting up your program, you can choose from one of the following five options:
Catalog 1: Merchandise
Catalog 2: Digital Gift Codes
Catalog 3: Digital Gift Codes & Physical Gift Cards
Catalog 4: Merchandise, Digital Gift Codes & Physical Gift Cards
Catalog 5: Merchandise, Digital Gift Codes & Physical Gift Cards, Visa Debit Cards, Travel Voucher
+ Can I customize the program?
In addition to choosing a custom catalog, you can easily customize the look-and-feel of the program with your logo, banner image, and colors. You can also edit on-site content to post updates.
+ Does it work on any device?
The program is mobile optimized. Participants can access the program on any device (computer, tablet or mobile).
+ What about reporting and other admin tools?
You will be able to view stats in real time in an interactive dashboard, download reports, manage participants, and import / assign points.
+ How do I get started?
Contact us for a quick demo! We are excited to work with you, and can have you up and running within a few days.